Sunday, 16 October 2016

Montreal Underground – Between

Montreal is famous for its underground city, the RESO. It is a vast network of interconnected malls, hotels, and metro stations. We all know, how malls, hotels, and metro stations look like. Even though they might have different appearances, different architecture that might be dull or exciting, eccentric or functional, we know the basic concept. But what kind of concept is the connector between these spaces? It is somehow public space, but it is not made for social interaction, nor for shopping, nor strolling. There is no view (though there is sometimes advertisement or some artwork at the walls). It is not like a street that is connected with other streets and that has buildings, industry, parking lots, or gardens on either side. It’s not a place to hide either, there are enough cameras around. It is not like any other tunnel: When you get out, you are still inside. You are not in a car or train wagon that puts a buffer between you and the tunnel. It is a space deprived from everything that makes a space, except that one function to let you walk from A to B. It is one pure, undistracted, unfiltered, very concise A to B. It is Between – nothing else.