Sunday, 9 June 2013

New Way of Greening Urban Space

When you live in the city, leaving your car untouched in favour of biking or walking has a lot of beneficial effects: It's good for the environment, it reduces congestion, it's supposed to be good for your health, and you spend less on gasoline. All in all it makes city life for you and your fellow citizens a little bit more pleasant.
However, lately I spotted in Helsinki a slightly unconventional way, how a parked car can improve the city. Around the off-road machine on the picture emerged in spring a small island of untouched green between the cobblestones. It took me some thinking to figure out, what caused the stimulating climate around the car: The machine wasn't moved for the better part of spring here. While everywhere else rolling cars smashed every little sprout that emerged between the cobblestones, there was a small sanctuary around this vehicle.
Considering all the cobblestones and all the parked cars on Helsinki's peninsula.... that could easily add some square metres to Helsinki's 75 square km of green area.