Monday, 14 May 2012

Take Home Messages

Take-home message about maps

Architecture of consequence - Dutch Designs on the Future is an exhibition that is currently on in the Norwegian National Museum - Architecture ( My visit in the exhibition was enjoyable and I liked, how the concept of take home messages was put into place: concise messages on business card-sized papers to take with you.
But what about the content of the messages and the exhibition? One of the take-home messages is shown right hand.

My new wrist watch
I had to wonder a little bit. It presents a project that was done in 2000. This is quite old to call it "new".  In current times and most probably also before the year 2000 the overlay and intersection of topography, networks and land use is barely revolutionary but rather day-to-day work of geographers, cartographers, urban and regional planners and almost everybody working with maps and geographic information systems. There were also a number of other projects and take home messages, but I could not help being a little bit suspicious, whether the other parts of the exhibition are equally "new".
Luckily there were more things to take home: DIY buttons with a set of motives loosely related to the topic of the exhibition, such as a clock for alternative use of time or cutlery for alternative food production chains. So I made my very personal wrist watch. It is simple in design and shows always 5 past 2 pm, the perfect time to enjoy the results of the first half of the day and relax with a cup of coffee.

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