Friday, 21 October 2011

Look-out Triangle

My last visit in Hamburg allowed me to look quickly at three projects of rededication. So far the most famous is probably the the old warehouse which is going to give home to the Elbphilharmonie. The architects Herzog & de Meuron grafted a glass sculpture onto an old warehouse. While the bricks of the warehouse end at an height of 37m the glass swings up to 110 m. The final building will accommodate not only a concert hall, but also a hotel and apartments. At the fringe between brick and glass a space called public plaza will offer a look-out to all directions.

Further south in the river Elbe is located Wilhelmsburg, an island currently hosting the InternationaleBauausstellung IBA Hamburg (international building exhibition). One of IBA's projects is the reuse of a garbage hill 40m high. From the 1940s to 1979 all kinds of debris, waste and toxic liquids were collected. The groundwater next to the hill is contaminated and the decomposing garbage releases a considerable amount of landfill gas. The new concept Energieberg (energy hill) includes not only cleaning of groundwater but also the collection and the use of the gas for heat production. The hill is used as an elevated site for a wind energy plant and photovoltaic panels are mounted on the southern flank. The architects Häfner, Jimenez and Konermann designed a walkable loop around the hill-top. It will offer a look-out to all directions.

The third project of rededication is an old bunker of World War II in Wilhelmsburg, which stood unused for 63 years. The new concept Energiebunker (energy bunker) will place a coupled heat and power plant inside the bunker and photovoltaic panels on the top and southern facade. At the height of 30m there is space for a coffee place and a terrace with a look-out to all directions. 

Designed as goodies for three very different edifices the look-outs can lift you soon on an artificial level floating some 35m above the harbour and Wilhelmsburg.
Me on the energy hill  - at one level with the energy bunker (left) and Elbphilharmonie (right)