Sunday, 21 August 2011


After 5 weeks of holidays the first look on our city garden was impressive! It is green, it flourishes, it brims over. While I was still doubtful at the beginning of this summer, what that gardening is all about, I got now some pretty good answers.
Simo invited us to participate and he took car of the garden over the last weeks. When I asked him, why he joined that project he didn't have to think a second:

 “I've felt always the strong need to do something with soil and plants, to grow something. The queue for the real allotment gardens is far too long, my grandma’s place has enough space to grow vegetables, but it is too far to go there every weekend. So this is an easy way to grow my own vegetables. Sure, the yield won’t be overwhelming. From an economical point of view it is not reasonable, but it is a great opportunity to use this void space for temporary gardening.”

Still, it is his answer and I had to find my own:

It is a very pleasant feeling to harvest your own vegetables!
The yield of this little bit of soil is bigger than I expected. The amount (and the size) of the courgettes are evidence enough that it is more than a game for city kids. We got cucumbers and spinach galore. The herbs smell delicious. The field salad shows its first leaves. And I'm curious what we can expect form the potatoes.

The garden makes people happy!
Kids were pointing on cucumbers, tomatoes and the green of carrots, people were enjoying the green spot between heaps of concrete and asphalt pavement, smelling flowers and taking pictures, strolling on with a smile.

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