Sunday, 3 April 2011

City of lost gloves

During the winters, I'd  think about my city as the city of lost gloves.
Hundreds of them lay around the in the public, semi-public spaces. For some reason, they make me sad - they are torn form their pairs, they are torn from the hand they were made to keep warm. They also remind of my own experiences of losing a dear glove.
Still there is something, that lifts my mood. Most of the lost gloves I spot, are lovingly lifted from the ground by the finder and placed on top of something, garbage can, railing, bushes. So the glove is saved from the soles and tyres, and will be easy for the owner to find when he/she comes around again.
But actually, as most of the gloves I spotted were along my regular routes, I saw that the gloves were usually still there after weeks, after months.
This winter I started to photograph the gloves. This activity definetely made winter more bearable for me.

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